About Us

BrandPanorama is a full-service, independent custom market research and consulting firm specializing in Brand Strategy and Performance, Customer and Stakeholder Strategy, and Marketing Strategy. Creating and growing strong brands requires a keen understanding of the rational and emotional drivers of consumer choice, and insight into the relationships between a brand and its stakeholders. Our expertise in the psychology of consumer decision-making helps our clients develop strategies that engage and resonate with customers.

We have particular expertise at the nexus of sustainability and branding. We can help you develop, implement and manage your initiative or program in six key areas: discovering your brand’s guiding purpose or “north star”; assessing the needs of your stakeholders; assessing your brand and communication strategy; stakeholder engagement; measuring and monitoring the return on your investment (ROI) and other desirable outcomes; and organizational alignment.

BrandPanorama is led by Mark Stapylton, a brand strategy and customer insight specialist with more than 25 years’ experience. An originator of BrandAsset Valuator™ at Young & Rubicam, Mark has led brand research practices for global research firms such as Hall & Partners, Research International, Knowledge Networks, Wirthlin Worldwide and Harris Interactive. Among other adventures, he has explored market opportunities for American beer in Eastern Europe, American motorcycles in China and American beef in Japan. Mark is a member of ISSP (International Society of Sustainability Professsionals) as well as national and global market research associations.

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