Many companies and organizations now recognize that the narrow pursuit of profit and shareholder value at the expense of society and the environment is an outmoded business model ready for reinvention. Business is part of society and not separate from it. The triple bottom line of “people, planet and profit” goes by many names, but at its core is the principle of shared value. As a consequence, the new reality is that branding and sustainability are two sides of the same coin.

Connecting brand equity to sustainability is the Holy Grail for many marketers in a “reputation economy” driven by digitally-connected environmentally-aware and socially-conscious informed consumers who are in a position to consider the impacts of their choices and align their purchasing behaviors with their personal values. And consumers’ values are changing, altering their relationships with your brand, and dictating a shift in your marketing communications and brand strategies.

BrandPanorama unlocks the financial, social and environmental value of your brand through our understanding of how brand equity promotes authentic engagement and relationships with customers, employees and other key stakeholders, creating competitive advantage and marketing power, unleashing the full value of your marketing dollars and sustainable investments, and demonstrating the ROI of your commitments so that programs can be better managed and continue to get funded.

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